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Are Gummee products safe for my baby?

Yes! We can proudly say that all of our Gummee products have been tested to mandatory and non-mandatory testing. Our products meet all the relevant EN71 testing for the ages stated on the packaging and on our listings. All products classified as toys are CE compliant.

They are all BPA, Phthalate and Latex free.

If teeth don’t usually come through until the baby is 6 months, why are the Gummee products from birth?

Every baby is different but the general rule is that babies first teeth will start to come through at around 6 months. However, the symptoms of teething will start before this. The first signs could include excess dribbling and drooling, loss of appetite, pulling on their ears and chewing/gnawing on their hands.

Will the Gummee Glove fit my baby’s hand?

The Inside measurements are 7cm from wrist to fingertip & 7cm at it’s widest point.