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stage of teething

 Welcome to Teething Central

Every baby goes through multiple stages of teething throughout their infancy. Our goal at Gummee is to make sure you have the right tool for the right teething stage.


0-3 months

Babies are born with 20 ‘milk teeth’ waiting under the surface of the gums to make an appearance.


Some babies are even born with a tooth already erupted, thankfully this is rare (for any of you expecting your first baby and are planning to breastfeed!)


3-6 months

The first symptoms of teething begin. Babies will often want to chew on everything in sight, but lack the hand dexterity to hold a teether for themselves.


Symptoms that could be associated with teething are:

Sore or red gums

Red/hot feeling cheeks

Disturbed sleep

Loss of interest in food

Rubbing of the face or ears



Chewing and gnawing on the hands


6-10 months

The first teeth start to make an appearance. Although every baby is different and some can start way before this.


The upper and lower front teeth will start to break through the gum and you should be able to feel the hard bumps below the surface with your finger.


Your little one can now hold toys for themselves. Round teethers are easy for them to hold and soothe the front gums.


10-14 months

It’s time for those back teeth to make an appearance!


The molars will start to erupt through the gums around this time and being back teeth you may not notice them as easily as the front incisors. Look out for any of the symptoms mentioned above and some parents notice an increase in the severity of the symptoms at this time.


14+ months

Around this stage your baby’s canines will start to break through, these are the sharp, pointy ones that can be found next to the front teeth.


The last of the molars are also emerging. Expect a cranky toddler and prescribe pain relief and lots of cuddles!


More interactive toys can now be enjoyed and though it might not seems like it sometimes, your baby has much more dexterity.